Friday, 9 July 2010

amor es angustia.

i am in london and the weather is super fly. the tube is not so great because being underground is not so great in thrity degree heat with billions of strangers. poor ants. the plus side is that hot pants are in season and my glastonbury tan has shown no signs of fading..,the sun is relentless, my appetite is hiding except of course for my appetite for debauchery and handsome boys, exchanging smiles, staying up all night and watching jellyfish for hours! i went to the aquarium yesterday and i felt at home..! i am rabbit-sitting for a few days and seeing some friends i am sure everywhere in london will be rammed tonight for the weather is mind blowing and it's friday! the weekend is breathing down my neck. i am off to big chill then intrepid fox, i hope it is okay to wear flip flops and short shorts ...?

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